Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, arghh!

June 9, 2011

Mmm, all I could want after a long day at work would be chocolate. Dark chocolate.

(Ahem… of course, after a nutritious meal of chicken pita wraps loaded with vegetables and tzatziki on the side. Seriously though, I did, I promise. I have to start eating better after that trip to my Mom’s, she has nothing but bad-for-me food around the house. I’m back on the healthy stuff and this was delicious. I also smothered mine in hot and sweet mustard, which I just discovered this week–where has it been all my life? But don’t worry, I avoided mixing it directly with the tzatziki. That would probably be gross.)

But back to the chocolate. This chocolate in particular:

I'm surprised the chocolatey goodness lasted long enough for me to take a photo.

To the left is the dark chocolate peppered with candied ginger, and to the left the inferior milk chocolate with roasted hazelnuts. The latter I brought home for my boyfriend. Clearly I could not resist on the dark chocolate, as it was already half gone when I took the photo.

Before all those in fervent support for milk chocolate come out with their pitchforks, here me out: you are wrong. Sure, milk chocolate is fantastic for combining some lovely flavours (see hazelnuts above, and also, peanut butter, strawberries, and other decadent treats I don’t even want to think about), but I dare you to try and not gorge yourself if given the opportunity.

Dark chocolate is infinitely more complex than its counterparts. It is the femme fatale of all chocolate, tempting and rich, but only allowing its admirers a few bites before they feel satiated. But while they might not have more in this particular moment, they will always remember the experience. And that will lead them to yet another love affair, same time next week.

I can justify it because it’s healthy. Sort of.

And don’t get me started on white chocolate. I’ve been known to cheat on dark chocolate with high quality white every now and then, but at the end of the day, it’s not the real thing. (I have found two Facebook groups agreeing that “White Chocolate is Gross” with a combined total of 22 people, so it must be true.)

The only thing that can top this love affair is to finish it off with a glass of red. Too bad Nova Scotia doesn’t make great reds all that often. But I drink them anyway. Damn you, conscience.


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