Cleansing: Day Two

April 24, 2012

Well, well, well. Apparently I’m not so immune to the effects of caffeine as I thought!

Still no headache from the lack of it; I had my dandelion root tea this morning as I did yesterday. But it’s 11:00am and I’m already starting to nod off! I used to claim that caffeine seemed to have little effect on me, and I meant it: I can drink coffee almost right before bed and still sleep no problem. But now it seems that, since I’m lacking it, my brain uses it more than I knew.

I did an 8:00am yoga session that was designed specifically for energy. It definitely had an excellent short term effect. I felt super awake after it, but seems that it worked just like a couple shots of espresso: only for a few hours.

It might be the rain too. It’s rained for 2 1/2 days here and it’s made me feel somewhat groggy.

For breakfast, it was not the smoothie but breakfast quinoa: 1/2 cup quinoa with almond milk rather than water, a touch of agave nectar, cardamom, and raisins. I can’t decide how much agave nectar I’m going to allow myself but I figure small doses can’t be much harm. I always feel full very quickly whenever I eat breakfast quinoa.

I already know a way I will be cheating this afternoon: a friend of mine who is a nutrition major at the local uni invited Dave and I to a beef tasting. Beef! They’re wanting tasting notes and the like, and I think there might be local beef involved. I’m not a huge beef eater but it’s hard to pass up almost any tasting opportunity. Unless it was caviar or something.


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